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DAC seeks to achieve the best products, a beautiful community,
and respecting social responsibility.

“Why should DAC exist?”

This is the question Jake has raised since starting the company in 1988.
He had a clear vision – build the best product, build a good working community, and support the society.

With a history major from college in Korea and a MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, he had no idea how to run a factory.

Fortunately, he formed a ‘dream team’ who put all their energy into building the factory from the ground up. He could get help from college professors, brilliant engineers whom he had previously worked together. Luckily enough he met wonderful tent factories, major brands, tent designers to work together to build better tents. He used to be called ‘consensus generator’.

Lack of technical engineering capabilities and experiences were covered by people around him.
IC Lah, his father who encouraged and supported Jake to start DAC passed away in 1990. Financial support stopped with his passing. Jake got lost. Fortunately, DAC team members encouraged him to fight on.

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