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Regarding to Innovation, Performance, Sustainability

DAC is the only high strength aluminum tube manufacturer developing products through both material and process innovation. Working with aluminum heavyweight ALCOA, DAC developed the custom alloy TH72M. This alloy combined with years of experimentation and rigorous production controls creates the right environment for building the finest aluminum tubes available today.



Over 30 years' experience crafting high quality aluminum tubing enables DAC to understand performance down to the molecular level. Every product is engineered as a solution to an opportunity to build a better experience for today’s outdoor customer. Accomplishments include:

  • Awarded over 180 patents worldwide
  • Invented Green Anodization eliminating over 100 tons of acids annually
  • Created proprietary alloys designed to revolutionize tent architecture
  • Invented over 200 “toys”…accessories to make new structures possible
  • Developed over 1000 unique tent styles
  • Help create the modern family tent category
  • Introduced 7 unique pole types to meet customer demand for lighter and more durable structures


DAC is committed to the performance of every product it produces. Over the years millions of dollars have been invested in state of the art testing methods including their own wind tunnel and accelerated stress corrosion testing (SCT). This commitment has earned DAC top honors and long-standing partnerships with the outdoor industry’s leading tent brands.



DAC cares about the environment and invests in methods to reduce their footprint accordingly.

  • All DAC poles and stakes are recyclable.
  • DAC works with tent brands and third party providers to repair and replace poles keeping tents out of landfills.
  • DAC invested 8 years to the development of its proprietary Green Anodization process. This process eliminates the use of phosphoric, nitric and sulfuric acids.
  • DAC eliminated the use of poly bag packaging from roughly 90 percent of all poles shipped to manufacturers.
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