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Trekking Poles

DAC assures that our trekking poles have the best rigidity-to-weight in the world.

Trekking Poles PDF

The trekking pole was one of the first products to catch the eye of Jake Lah. He wondered how to build it lighter without losing stiffness. Can we make the pole length adjustment lock and stay locked while in use?

After 20 years of trial and error…we feel our trekking poles have the market best rigidity to weight ratio.

Our Lever Lock System uses a vertical lever to improve locking force. The dual cam design helps spread and improve holding force.

Lever Lock

Vertical and long lever makes easy to lock and unlock.
Two levers on both sides increase holding force.

Advanced Lever Technics For Helinox

The decisive lever parts below are proudly applied for Helinox trekking pole.

Stainless parts to precise and sturdy

User-friendly design for easy lock and unlock

Shaft to have huge lock force

Long-lasting locking force to minimize deformation

Easy to control while adjusting screw

Dual Button Lock

Vertical groove On tubes to find button Hole easily

Dual button spread stress on Tube holes

Dual Button Lock

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